Meet our Team

Please understand that this office is prohibited by law from providing legal advice. If you have a legal question, contact your attorney. If you talk with an office staff member, no information communicated to you is intended to constitute legal advice.

Areas of Responsibility

The following is a listing of current job responsibilities of employees in the Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office. Please refer to this list when contacting our office regarding your case. Our phone number is (361) 883-5786.

NamePhone ExtTitle
Vicki McElroyExt. 449Office Manager / HR
Rod KemsleyExt. 403Staff Attorney
Joseph NelsonExt. 436
Mark PerezExt. 445Operations Manager
Jennifer Vasquez Ext. 452Case Administration Supervisor
Tracey LopezExt. 440Case Administration Supervisor
Melissa CasaresExt. 441Accounting Specialist
Bridget SiffordExt. 451Senior Case Specialist
Anna RiveraExt. 423Case Auditor
Lisa PerezExt. 442Case Auditor
Connie DavisExt. 448Senior Paralegal
Lorraine BatistaExt. 410Paralegal
Leanne RamonExt. 413Case Specialist
Krystle ChampionExt. 407Case Specialist