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Please follow the links below for commonly requested Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Forms and Information.

Troubleshooting Chapter 13 Network Access Problems

If you cannot get the login screen – be sure that you tried to access the Chapter 13 Network page from the Trustee’s home page. If you did follow the links and still get the message, you may need to change your firewall settings to allow the http header information to be passed to each site.

If you are running Norton Internet Security – you will have to disable Privacy Control. You may be asked to login more than once, but you should be able to see our site.

If you cannot see the entire screen – You will need to change your screen resolution setting to 1024 by 768.  For PC users, go to Control Panel, Settings, Display and then select the Settings tab. Increase the screen area size (to at least 1024by 768) and hit OK.

If the 13Network printouts are too small, try printing in landscape.

If you need to print detail and don’t see a printer icon, try using ctrl P.

If the 13Network screens look too small, try the ctrl + combination to enlarge the screen a little.  You can hit it multiple times.  Ctrl – reverses the process.

If you do not see the dockets, you may have to change your popup settings or allow our site into a trusted zone.  Problems have been reported if you have the Google toolbar installed, so you may want to disable that feature.

If you want to download detail, select it and use ctrl C to copy it into another application.

If you need
 detail supporting your disbursement check – enter the check number, preceded by at $ ($nnnnnnn) in the search box in the upper right corner of the screen and use the blue GO button.  If you know one of your cases, go to that case and click on the financials tab.  When you see the disbursement you are interested in, click on the check number and you will get the same detail.